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Product #: 101055G



GenX is a specially formulated glycol ether blend. It is designed to give a safe and high level of cleaning over a wide range of fabrics.

GenX is designed to carry a small amount of moisture. This unique blend of materials ensures that GenX will remove both solvent soluble soils such as grease, fats and waxes along with water soluble stains and soils. Clothes are cleaned better with less wrinkles and easier to press, saving time and money.


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What are the Benefits of GenX?


  • Compatible with Hydrocarbon Machines so Switching is Easy
  • Compatible with All Existing Hydrocarbon Solvents
  • Excellent Cleaning
  • Great KB Value for Degreasing
  • Exceptional Brightness
  • Good Water Soluble Stain Removal
  • Gentle on Fabrics
  • Reduced Need for Pre-Spotting
  • Low Oral and dDermal Toxicity
  • Not Classified as Hazardous Waste Under RCRA
  • Not Subject to CERLA Reporting
  • No OSHA Toxicity Label Needed
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Carcinogenic
  • Great Non-Perc Replacement
  • Complies with NFPA Class IIIA Requirements
  • No Regulatory Fees*





What is GenX?






*Where Applicable
Some but not All States omit regulatory fees