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Caled Chemical is a company specializing in environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals. The Caled brand of chemicals is an 80 year old. 

Caled Product Lines are made up of more than 100 products that serve three different markets. Each with their own specific market needs and wants, of environmentally friendly chemicals. These markets are:

1. "Commercial Dry Cleaning", $450 million worldwide chemical market. 
2. "Industrial Laundry",  $1.8 billion worldwide chemical market.
3. “Home Laundry” $4.3 billion US chemical market.

 Each of the more than 100 products have been carefully developed to address specific cleaning problems that end-users face, in dry cleaning, hotel laundry and even home use. These products have been fully tested and manufactured to exceed performance standards without the need for harsh or aggressive chemicals.

Caled owns and manufacturers in the United States, a complete product line of environmentally friendly cleaning and laundry products. These products perform better than the stinky old cleaning chemicals; that we have all learned to stay away from.

Our lead professional product is called GenX Fluid, a proprietary alternative to old fashion dry cleaning solvents. It replaces and cleans better than the traditional toxic perchloroethylene and flammable hydrocarbon solvents totaling $156.2m/yr in sales. In addition to replacing cleaning solvents, Caled Chemical produces an excellent product line of other cleaning products, like water repellants and odor eliminators totaling an additional $57.6 m/yr in sales. The total market of products we are going after is worth $213.8 million per year, in the US alone.

Caled Chemical’s products and environmental approach to the market is setting the standard and will be the #1 growing brand within 1 year. We clearly have the most advanced performance of any line available today. Our code of conduct is to deliver the best in products and service, to more than 40,000 cleaners.

Best in Class service and products are the path we’re taking, accomplish our lofty goals and expectations. This is how we have been beating the competition, in each market we enter. We did this with a focused outreach through “Best in Class” distribution supply companies.