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Perchloroethylene Replacement for Dry Cleaning Is Now Manufactured Under ISO 9001 CERTIFICATION.  GenX is an Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solvents that will be exclusively produced with an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Wayne, NJ – November 15, 2017 – Caled, The Cleaner’s Choice today announced it is exclusively manufacturing GenX® Dry Cleaning Fluid under ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems.
GenX is a dry cleaning fluid developed specifically to replace chlorinated solvent, known as Perc, used in dry cleaning. GenX is a cleaning fluid that replaces Perchloroethylene, currently used in more than 50% of US and Canadian dry cleaners. With today’s announcement, “Dry Cleaners can use GenX for better garment cleaning and machine performance” said Jack Belluscio, President.
GenX Dry Cleaning Fluid has sparked the development of specially formulated cleaning additives, including low cost detergents like NuTouch® with CleanTank Technology. “We are very optimistic by the cleaning capabilities of GenX and the knowledge that our 64 years of experience brings to exclusive relationships for local dry cleaners everywhere,” said Jack Belluscio, President.
The garment care industry currently uses millions of pounds of cleaning solvent per year. During the past few years, the industry’s current solvent process has come under increased regulatory pressure. The State of California has taken the lead by mandating that the current method be eliminated in the future. Caled believes that today’s regulatory pressures will encourage over 30,000 end-users into changing from the current method to an environmentally friendly solvent.
GenX gives more than environmental benefits, it is easy on garments with beads, sequins, buttons, and trimmings. GenX gives the garment a soft hand and is virtually odorless. The combination of GenX Fluid with NuTouch Detergent has excellent degreasing and water-soluble stain removal properties. “GenX is more complex than hydrocarbon solvents, it has the ability to dissolve a broad range of stains,” said Jack Belluscio.  “Furthermore, GenX meets the needs for perc replacement applications such as uniform, tuxedo and fashion rental services.”
The GenX Dry Cleaning Fluid announcement came as the company enters its 65th year of servicing dry cleaners and commercial laundries. During its introduction, Belluscio stated that, “GenX uses a proven cleaning technology that we have made better.” GenX is offered exclusively through Caled’s North American distribution channel with hundreds sales representatives, warehouses, and a dedicated technical service team. Caled is confident that technical service knowledge with GenX can improve local cleaners end service of cloths that are cleaner and fresher than ever before. 

About Caled:

Caled is one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of specialty chemicals that clean with non-hazardous technology. Founded in 1953, Caled has lead within Textile Care Industry with traditional detergents, finishing agents, and specialty chemicals for the fabric care industry. Caled has worldwide distribution and technical service knowledge that sells professional cleaners non-hazardous solutions for consumer clothes and commercial uniforms.  Caled is currently servicing professional cleaners, commercial laundries and government institutions. Caled has commercialized aerospace technology into everyday applications, providing technologically advanced cleaning products that are better, faster and safer than today’s methods.
SOURCE: Cleaner’s Choice Inc.
CONTACT: Cleaner’s Choice, +1-973-696-7575 x888, info@CaledClean.com  www.CaledClean.com
GenX is a Trademark of Caled