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All Natural Stain Remover 8oz 6X1 Case

All Natural Stain Remover 8oz 6X1 Case

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I believe my Mother Natural All Natural Baby Stain Remover is the best Stain Remover on Earth. I specifically designed it to remove tough stubborn baby stains. It contains a natural wetting agent which penetrates the fabric and loosens the soil prior to washing. This pH balanced natural enzymatic combination works quickly on the most difficult stains consisting of cereal, baby foods, spit-up vomit, urine and even feces. The penetrating action in combination with the All Natural enzymatic action makes this a dynamic product in Baby cleaning. The product is designed to work perfectly in conjunction with my Baby Laundry Wash. It will enhance the brightness of Baby’s clothes, bibs and other fabrics. It will not leave any harmful residue and contains no bleaches, phosphates or synthetic detergents such as SLS. My Stain Remover definitely eases the workload for Mom and Dad on washday. Simply, spray on a fresh stain, throw into the hamper, and wash when ready. 
Formulated specifically to destroy Baby odors......
•   Diaper pails
•   Bathroom
•   Baby’s room
•   Crib mattresses
•   Carpets

Plant cleansers derived from natural sources such as coconut and palm, natural salts, natural enzymes, natural moisturizer, distilled water, and plant based essential oils.

 Pre Treat stained area with Baby Stain Remover as soon as possible.
Allow 5 minutes to soak in. Heavily stained areas may require gentle rubbing.
Treated garments can be placed in the hamper until you are ready to wash with Mother Natural. For the Best All Natural experience use Mother Natural's Baby Wash and Baby Fabric Softener with the Baby Stain Remover
See product label for precautionary information.
For more information please contact your local distributor or Caled customer service at 1800-OK-CALED