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All Natural All Purpose Cleaner 32oz 6X1 case

All Natural All Purpose Cleaner 32oz 6X1 case


I believe my Mother Natural All Natural Baby All Purpose cleaner is the best All Purpose cleaner on Earth. I specifically designed it to clean effectively yet be safe for a baby’s mouth. It contains a natural non toxic antimicrobial ingredient which cleans and helps prevent the origin of microbial surface transmitted disease. It also has a mild wetting agent which is safe and effective to remove any light soil stains while it simultaneously disinfects. Pacifier’s, rattles, toys, high chairs and other baby accessories such as crib railings often come in contact with an infants mouth which can be a vehicle for potential diseases and germs. Mother Natural will clean away all the potential baby dirty hot spots. My All Purpose Cleaner is fragrance free and has no bleaches and harmful residues. The product is designed to evaporate quickly leaving a clean germ free surface. The product sprays only to the surface treated area giving you optimal control over delivery. 
•   Formulated specifically to clean hard surface Baby stains
•   Cribs
•   High Chairs
•   Toys, Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic, Dye Free, No perfumes

Vegetable derived cleansers, naturally derived alcohol, and distilled water.

  • Spray onto dirty or stained area, lightly scrub and rinse with water.
  • For Best All Natural experience use Mother Natural's Baby Stain Remover on a tough hard to remove stain.
See product label for precautionary information.
For more information please contact your local distributor or Caled customer service at 1800-OK-CALED