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Product #: 0600

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Pro-Te-Cal Pus is a wet-side protein (animal origin) stain remover. It is alkaline in nature.


Pro-Te-Cal Plus removes

Blood, Milk, Ice Cream, Egg, Albumin, Meat Juices, Mucous, Vomit, Starches, Perspiration, Urine, Ketchup, Bodily Fluids, Barbecue Sauce…etc.


  • Apply PRO-TE-CAL full strength to soiled area and work with a brush or bone.
  • Flush with water or steam.
  • Repeat application if necessary until stain is removed.
  • Dry completely before cleaning in the machine.
* If garment cannot be completely dried before cleaning, dampen the area with a leveling mixture of 1 part    SILK SPOTTER to 1 part solvent *
*If a color change is experienced, flush PRO-TE-CAL immediately from the material and apply TAN-E-CAL to the area. This will normally restore the color.*
Note: Unknown stains should be first treated with TAN-E-CAL (an acidic spotter) before treating with PRO-TE-CAL.
Extra-Strength Protein Formula:                                                          
  • 1 part 28% ammonia to 10 parts Pro-Te-Cal Plus.    


See product label and/or MSDS reports for precautionary information.

For more information please contact your local distributor or Caled customer service at 1800-OK-CALED