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Product #: 068004

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Tan-E-Cal Plus is a wet-side (water-based) stain remover developed to remove stains from a vegetable (plant) origin…also referred to as tannin or yellow stains.

Tan-E-Cal Plus is an acid based stain remover. It is opposite to the alkaline-based Pro-Te-Cal Plus.


Tan-E-Cal Plus removes such stains as…

Coffee, Tea, Soda, Wine, Vegetable Stains, Grass, Fruit, Juices, Bee, Liquors, Tannins, Yellows, Mustard, Watermelon...etc.

  • Apply TAN-E-CAL full strength directly to the stained area.
  • Work with a brush or bone.
  • Flush with water or steam.
*On unknown water soluble stains, TAN-E-CAL should always be used before trying PRO-TE-CAL*
*If, on occasion, a color change occurs, immediately flush with PRO-TE-CAL which usually will restore the original color*
*If the garment cannot be completely dried before cleaning, level (dampen ) the area with 1 part SILK SPOTTER ( leveling agent ) and 1 part solvent before cleaning*
*On all suspect colors, first test in any spotter on an unexposed seam*
See product label and/or MSDS report for precautionary information.
For more information please contact your local distributor or CALED customer service at 1800-OK-CALED