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Stain Odor Finder 6X1 Case

Stain Odor Finder 6X1 Case

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 I believe my Mommy’s Little Helper is the best way on earth to locate invisible stains and odors. I specifically designed this to see what the natural eye cannot. Mommy’s Little Helper is a cordless Ultra-violet light unit that will help you identify problems and eliminate the guess work. You simply turn on the ultra-violet light and darken the room. Pass the light over objects such as high chairs, rugs, sheets, clothes, diaper pales, etc.
         “Mommy’s Little Helper” UV Blue Light is the first step in the Circle of Baby Clean
          Finds invisible stains and odors
          Lightweight and cordless portability
          Great for pet stains and odors, too!
  • The light should be held about 2-3” above the suspected contamination area. The light will illuminate the precise area of different stain types. It will identify where invisible blood, vomit, saliva, urine, oils, grease, feces, ringworm, and even glass slivers are hiding. 
See product label for precautionary information.
For more information please contact your local distributor or Caled customer service at 1800-OK-CALED