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All Natural Odor Remover

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I believe my Mother Natural All Natural Baby Odor Remover is the best Odor Remover on Earth. Odor removers currently marketed consist of three different types of mechanism for deodorizing; 

• Neutralization of the odor
• Masking the odor
• Encapsulation of the unwanted odor. 

Neutralization and masking are not the preferred routes as persistent odors will resurface when the masking agent or neutralizing agent evaporates. Encapsulation is the most preferred method using safe natural ingredients which permanently bind to the odors. Mother Natural’s Odor Remover is a safe way to destroy odors, leaving behind a light citrus bouquet. The Odor Remover uses a combination of plant derived ingredients which are safe and environmentally friendly. Optimal usage is on diaper genies, rugs, mattresses, and car seats. 
•   Formulated specifically to destroy Body odors
•   Diaper pails
•   Bathroom
•   Baby’s room
•   Crib mattresses
•   Carpets

Packed 6 32oz Bottles to a case. Distilled water, naturally derived alcohol, preservative and odor encapsulant, lactic acid and plant based essential oils.

  • Spray onto the affected area. For tough odors spray a second time.
  • For the Best All Natural experience use Mother Natural's Baby Odor Remover with the Baby stain Remover.
See product label for precautionary information.
For more information please contact your local distributor or Caled customer service at 1800-OK-CALED